Tuesday, October 30, 2018


What You Need To Know 
Isn't it strange that your geyser or pipes tend to wait until the middle of the night to burst? Asap Drains Emergency plumbers are on call 24 hours a day exactly for this reason. But there are a few things that you need to know before making that call:
1. The Cost
It is standard practice for emergency plumbing services to cost more when they are required after hours, on weekends or holidays. Most plumbers will charge double the call out fee and increase their costs for labor. However, you shouldn't need to pay any extra for parts that need to be repaired or replaced. Be aware that some plumbers will charge more than double for emergency services to make sure it is an emergency before calling them out.
2.The Work
Only the most basic and necessary repairs should be made by your emergency plumber to restore water flow and ensure that all leaks are dealt with. Any further work that may be required can be dealt with during the following days, in regular hours, limiting your expenses.
3. The Equipment
Make sure that your emergency plumber will bring along all the necessary equipment to determine what alignment the problem is and fix it. Remember that you are paying an hourly rate for labor and if the plumber has to drive back and forth or wait for equipment, it will end up costing you more.
4. The Parts
Depending on the type of emergency, the plumber may require some parts to remedy the situation. While most plumbers do their best to have the basics on hand, be prepared to wait a while for any parts that may need to be ordered in before the repairs can be completed. Your plumber should be able to ensure that you can use your plumbing while the replacement parts are on their way.
Be aware that any unique fixtures and parts can take longer to order.
5. The Speed
While an noopener will do their best to make repairs as quickly as possible, be prepared for the process to take longer than expected. This is especially true in older homes where extensive repairs to the plumbing may be necessary. Keep in mind that your plumber will do their best to provide you with a quality service to ensure that they are not needed again, but that quality does not always come cheap or fast.

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